Studio 2

ALL IN/Tolle Künste/Workshop

After his flying turntables have completed their performance in MULTIVERSE, Louis Vanhaverbeke invites everyone (over the age of 15 years) to an open DJ workshop session. For many years, Louis constructed what he needs for his pieces on stage, from old appliances, plastic tools, drum computer and simply everything that moves, turns, rolls and thereby makes a lot of noise possible. If you feel like shredding the music and lyrics within the flying turntables and set them loudly into motion, you should register here to the workshop, places are limited:

In German, English and Dutch * By and with: Louis Vanhaverbeke * All events of the project series „Tolle Künste“ are contributions to the official programme for Guest of Honour Flanders & The Netherlands at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016. Funded by Dutch Performing Arts and the Flemish Authorities.

from age 15 – 20