(c) Eduardo Giannini Ortega

Akira Takayama


Frankfurt, Mainz, Darmstadt, Offenbach, Hanau evakuieren


First escape- and rescue plan for the rhine main region

Evacuate Frankfurt is the First Escape and Rescue Plan for the Rhine-Main Region. Conceived by Japanese theatre maker and urban intervention artist Akira Takayama and implemented together with numerous other international artistic collaborators, the project reveals unfamiliar spots in the urban territory of the Rhine-Main region and lends new meaning to the term evacuation from 12 September through October 5. Via a simple and short questionnaire on the website www.evakuieren.de, visitors can ascertain their own personal degree of everyday frustration and urban fatigue in order to subsequently print out a customized escape route or download it to their smartphone as the starting point for a journey with unexpected encounters on unknown paths. The website also offers an overview of the more than 30 commuter and streetcar stations involved in the project and provides practical information, such as opening hours and any possible additional expenses. In most cases however, the only thing needed is a valid RMV ticket. The interactive platform blog.evakuieren.de gives daily updates on events and a chance to comment on the project. Evacuate Frankfurt begins on 12 September at 7 pm with a special event at Mousonturm featuring its mastermind Akira Takayama, Katsutaka Idogawa – mayor of the town Futaba near Fukushima, post-dramatist Hans-Thies Lehmann and many of the other participating artists.

In the project, students of Hessische Theaterakademie, Universities Mainz and Frankfurt, HFG Offenbach and Städelschule participate.