Hessisches Literaturforum im Mousonturm e.V./Frankfurt liest ein Buch e.V.

Ausgeplündert (Totally Ransacked) – Reading with Dietmar Bär, Final evening of the “Frankfurt Reads a Book” series

Mousonturm Saal


He is a multiple award-winning actor, one of the most popular Tatort inspectors and when he lends his voice to an audio play, it’s likely to win prizes: Dietmar Bär brings the “Frankfurt Reads a Book” series to a close with excerpts from Benjamin und seine Väter (Benjamin and his Fathers). At Mousonturm, not far from the Berger Straße, were most of Herbert Heckmann’s novel takes place, he initiates us with unique, warm humour into a story of guilt and atonement. Curtain call for the final act!