Schwarz-weiß-Foto von Lena Willikens, die durch die langen sich bewegenden Haare vor ihrem Gesicht kaum erkennbar ist.
(c) Phil Struck

Lena Willikens


Für den Gestank aus Vladimirs Traum (feat. Vladimir Ivkovic)

EOS Radio


With this DJ mix, Lena Willikens has created a musical accompaniment to Vladimir and his dream, which is said to have gone like this: An elderly German teacher enters the room and emits an unbearable, all-pervading smell of decay. V tries to take him by the hand and lead him out of the classroom, in the process a few of the German teacher’s fingers fall off. L has made a perfume that V wants to give him, but his hand is as delicate as dusty leaves…

—> to EOS Radio

Duration: 60 min

Commissioned Work