Cena 11


Monotonia de Aproximação e Fuga para sete Corpos (Monotony of Approach and Fugue to Seven Bodies)

Mousonturm Saal


Alejandro Ahmed’s dance collective has always explored different and highly unusual paths of intimacy and rejection in order to generate stimuli for disruption, resistance and change. Now he takes on the form of the fugue and systematically plays out the variations of the relationship of the seven dancers to the space, to themselves and to each other in one compellingly suggestive spell of movement, sound and light.

No language skills required.

Artistic direction, choreography: Alejandro Ahmed * Performance and choreography: Aline Blasius, Anderson do Carmo, Edú Reis, Jussara Belchior, Karin Serafin, Marcos Klann, Mariana Romagnani, Natascha Zacheo.

No language skills required.