(c) Andre Simonow


(Gießen/ Berlin)


Location: Frankfurt LAB (Gallus)


This is a beginning. An announcement of something. So that everyone who reads this, thinks to themselves, “Aha, when this begins, I want to be there!” And so every beginning is foreshadowed. But if no beginning really begins anew, then are there no real beginnings at all? A beginning would thus be a continuation? And this now, when it would really be more appropriate not to carry on as before? So what would a really genuine new beginning look like? In the theatre, for example. Because theatre knows how to do this. Every evening it starts anew. And every now and then, completely anew. This is called a premiere. And so FUX steps in front of the curtain. And before everything starts again, FUX asks how everything should actually begin: FUX is having a premiere.

duration: 105 Min.
language: german
ALL IN 14+