Ian Kaler


o.T. | (gateways to movement)

Location: Frankfurt LAB, Schmidtstraße 12 (Gallus)


Club atmosphere: restlessly pulsating beats, produced live by Aquarian Jugs aka Planningtorock amidst a minimalist-black stage. Two figures hazily step out into the dark space. Their movements are tentative and groping. A slight sway of the head, a sudden swing of an arm gradually climax into rocking, twitching, circling movements. For the second part of his series o.T., Ian Kaler invited dancer and choreographer Philippe Gehmacher to join him for a multiply disrupted pas de deux. Together they continued to develop Ian Kaler’s unusual manner of movement. Due to his background in the visual arts, Kaler defines choreography as spatial graphic design. The formal reduction of movement creates a delicate dynamic between the two dancers, in which external acts reference internal states of being. The intense choreography, the combination of light and sound creates a hypnotic spell.

Artistic direction & choreographical framing: Ian Kaler * Performance: Philipp Gehmacher, Ian Kaler * Music, Composition & Production: Aquarian Jugs aka Jam Rostron/Planningtorock * Music performed by Aquarian Jugs * Space: Stephanie Rauch * Light design: Jan Maertens * Costume: Marcus Karkhof
Dramaturgy: Heike Albrecht * Input Body work: Heike Albrecht, Patricia Brülhart, Stephane Peeps Moun * Technical direction: Ben Clark * Project direction: das Schaufenster * Production: Ian Kaler * A coproduction of ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival with support of Wien Kultur * This event is made possible by INTPA – International Network for dance and performance AUSTRIA of Tanzquartier Wien from funds of the Federal Criminal Police Office and the BMEIA.