(c) De-Da Productions

Jeanne Jens Eschert


gender is a magic trick i forgot how to perform*

Location: Frankfurt LAB (Gallus) Halle 1


“Secrets and lies, appearances and disappearances, trickery and deceit – why do these words have a strangely intimate affinity with my gender? Maybe because I used to be a wizard? Or because I do magic in a transphobic society?” So-called sawed-up and bearded women together in “freak shows” and “human zoos” – the contexts and aesthetics of magic have always been problematic and still are. In her solo performance, Jeanne Eschert does not hide the techniques she learned as a magician. She seeks to resolve the “You tricked me!” accusation so that the experiences of magic can be told. In a world that unmasks where there is nothing to unmask, the binary of truth and deception blurs in “gender is a magic trick i forgot how to perform”.

Duration: 50 min
Language: German with surtitles ind English and German

* from “This Wound Is a World” by Billy-Ray Belcourt