(c) Christian Schuller

Matter of Facts Studio/Glogowski/Hoesch



Mousonturm Saal

Sound-Performance/Dance/Musical Theatre

What happens when everything pauses? People and things, together? Who or what then takes on the leading role? A thicket of metal populates the stage in “Generalpause” (General Intermission), together with an ensemble of traditional instruments and their boldly modified relatives, played by bodies and motors. In the midst of this landscape, sounds and light disseminate and transmit, as particles and waves, sparkling, glowing, luminous, radiant, connected to the hissing, crashing, banging, screeching, whirring and chirping of things. “Generalpause” is a moving search for new images of making music together, of craft-manship in and with music, of the dynamic alliance of people and things acting and pausing. A concert performance and spatial installation, choreographed for all senses.


Notes: The performance uses intense light and sound effects and moments of higher volume
Duration: 70-90 min.
All In – no age limit