Eine Frau mit schwarz-roter Jacke steht im Wald und zündet eine Rauchbombe.
Foto von einem Laubwald
Blau-lila gefärbte Hand vor schwarzem Hintergrund.
Eine Person mit schwarz-roter Jacke läuft durch den Wald. Sie ist nur von hinten zu sehen.
(c) Kathi Seemann, (c) Lu Chieregati

Lu Chieregati


Ghost Animal Future

Mousonturm Studio 1


In “Ghost Animal Future”, Lu Chieregati questions the way we view and experience time. In contrast to the linear progression of time, which is only ever directed towards the future, the piece explores the possibility of experiencing the past, present, and future simultaneously, in dance. It creates a fascinating flow of attention in which the performers try to integrate the three times – and the other possibilities of time that may emerge. Chieregati choreographs a physicality that allows space and time to be connected through movement. In doing so, the piece creates alternative narratives that refer to human and non-human landscapes in space, pushing the imagination in new, unusual directions.

Duration: 50 Min.
No language skills requiered
World premiere