(c) Alexi Pelekanos, (c) Katarina Šoškić, (c) Maria Ziegelböck

Doris Uhlich



Mousonturm Saal unbestuhlt


It emerges from within, from the darkness of our bodies: As a vital substance, mucus triggers an ambivalent reaction in many people; it evokes disgust and revulsion, as well as a desire to touch it. Yet mucus is very familiar to us, as a primordial soup from which everything springs. In the performance “Gootopia”, choreographer Doris Uhlich and her ensemble flood the stage with slime and use it as a central choreographic element. From a safe distance, the audience is invited to immerse themselves – in a viscous realm of horror, fascination and sheer pleasure.

Duration: 90 min.
There is a short introduction before each performance.

The hygiene and safety conditions prescribed and valid at the time of the event apply: The event will be held under 2G PLUS rules.

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