Rotterdam Presenta


Grand Slam



Grand Slam is a challenge. Spectators and actors are called to compete with each other, separated by a large jalousie. As a wall, projection surface, membrane and passageway, this fabric encourages visual experiments and allows for a play with the tricks and techniques of stage and screen. The choreographies and mechanisms of sports are shown – from tactical warm-up to the trembling exhaustion before the finale. This performance searches for the “Grand Slam”, the major strike, which erases every notion of what a “grand slam” could be in a single stroke, in the blink of an eye. Instead: browsing the visual arsenal between what we’ve seen before and what has not been seen yet. The group Rotterdam Presenta developed their piece out of Jan Rohwedder’s piece Pykno_, his graduation piece at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies Giessen.

Choreography, Performance: Jean Le Peltier, Jan Rohwedder, Iva Sveshtarova  * Idea: Jan Rohwedder * Outside Eye: Stine Hertel * Machinery: Alexander Buers, Lennart Wilm * Funded by: Hessian Theatre Academy, Cultural Department of the City of Giessen * Supported by: Regent Lighting Basel TV Heimgarten Frankfurt, Tennis Club of Eintracht Frankfurt.