(c) Gloria Schulz

GreenHouse NAXOS


The GreenHouse NAXOS by NODE20 and studioNAXOS is a virtual greenhouse for ideas. The open digital space invites Frankfurt residents and international guests to redesign a cultural venue, experiment with the architecture, grow virtual plants and build the theatre space of their dreams. The virtual GreenHouse will house meet-ups on topics such as dance and technology, a teen hackspace, workshops and installations that explore sustainable artistic practices, activism, new hybrid forms of art, performance and theatre. The GreenHouse can be visited via any browser. The analogue counterpart for Frankfurt residents – the Frankfurt Naxoshalle – offers further opportunities for participation by young and old. A greenhouse serves as a VR portal and forms a bridge between the physical space and the virtual GreenHouse.

Ab 25.09. online erreichbar via: greenhousenaxos.com und in der Waldschmidtstraße 19, Frankfurt.