Haben Sie “Modern” gesagt? First Edition

Location: Frankfurt LAB (Gallus)


For the Frankfurter Positionen 2017, the Issho Ni Ensemble – founded in 2016 – has specially created an exhibition that explicitly references the Ensemble Modern name. The project “Haben Sie Modern gesagt?” (“Did you say modern?”) offers an alternative presentation of the Ensemble Modern’s work: as something that is neither concert, nor scenic, illustrative or musical performance. Xavier Le Roy, Tiziano Manca and Christophe Wavelet are creating an exhibition in which the Ensemble Modern and all its members are themselves the exhibited subjects.

The trio is interested in the Ensemble Modern collective itself, the organism, the working unit. The structure, the finances, the logistics of it. Visitors to the exhibition will be invited to peer into this entity, in which music, instruments, compositions, technology, organisation, and above all people interact on a daily basis.

Xavier le Roy works since 1991 as artist. Tiziano Manca is composer for vocal and instrumental music.
Christoph Wavelet is artist and curator.

In German and English * commissioned by BHF-BANK-Foundation as part of Frankfurter Positionen 2017 * production: Mousonturm, Ensemble Modern * co-production: Ruhrtriennale * concept & artistic supervision: Issho Ni Ensemble * by and with members of Ensemble Modern * produces at Frankfurt LAB * supported by Adolf and Luisa Haeuser foundation.

Photo: Issho Ni Ensemble

Uraufführung * Mousonturm-Produktion