Miguel Gutierrez


Heavens What Have I Done

Mousonturm Studio 1


“This whole piece is super ‘80s.” is the clear statement made by US-American choreographer and performer Miguel Gutierrez. The towering Marie-Antoinette wig, the centimetre-thick make-up and the deep cut dress made of LGBTQ flags paints the perfect picture of a Rococo drag queen. But all the pomp and glitter shouldn’t call into question the seriousness of Gutierrez’s subject matter: the ascent to artistic success, the hypocrisy of a fickle world, harsh critique, personal dreams and hopes. Filled to the brim with shrill melancholy, Gutierrez flirts with his audience and enchants it with intimacy and primadonna rapture.

By and with Miguel Gutierrez * Supported by the Foundation for Contemporary Arts.

In English.