Foto: Jörg Baumann / Model: Jelena Fischer

Akira Takayama/Port B


Hölderlin Heterotopia

Hölderlin Pfad (Einstieg überall möglich)

App/Audiowalk/Begleitete Wanderung

Elfriede Jelinek, Alexander Kluge, Helene Hegemann, Nuno Ramos, Lina Majdalanie and Navid Kermani – are all among the numerous authors who have been transforming the 22-kilometer-long Hölderlin Trail between Frankfurt and Bad Homburg into a “different place” since September. “Hölderlin Heterotopia” is a project by Japanese theatre director Akira Takayama. A smartphone app guides people who are on the path on foot or by bike to various different stops, at which users can activate original audio texts, stories and poems by 14 international authors. Just like the poet Friedrich Hölderlin, for whom walking was a different, creative act and place in itself, “Hölderlin Heterotopia” searches for those “other” principles and rules by which we live our lives outside the current social order, while simultaneously deeply embedded in it.

On 03 October, the Mousonturm is offering a free guided hike at 11 a.m. from both ends of the path with personal orientation assistance from the project team. To participate please register at heterotopia@mousonturm.de.

Language: German

Alle Infos und die App zum Downloaden unter www.hoelderlin-heterotopia.de