Maayan Danoch/Julia Mihály/Swoosh Lieu/Rotem Volk

(Tel Aviv/Frankfurt)

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Lokal im Mousonturm


If private space serves as a metaphor for retreating into intimacy, public space is defined as a place of visibility, movement and taking a political stance. This contrasts with virtual space, which has created new forms of representation. What is the significance of public and private spaces for artistic work and vice versa? Can they be the starting point for socio-political issues and what role do feminist perspectives play? A discussion on the relationship between “home”, individual, society and art.

Guests: Maayan Danoch, Julia Mihály, Swoosh Lieu, Rotem Volk
Moderation: Christina Lutz (Mousonturm), Dr. Sonja Müller (Curator)

Language: German, English, Hebrew mit translation and German Sign Language