(c) André Simonow


How To Cry



In the period of time between 06.12. – 12.12., the video is available for 24 hours after purchase on Vimeo on Demand. uniform price: 5,- € (Link is available on 06.12.2021)

Would the future look different if old white men cried more often? When is crying taking up space, when is it liberating, and how must we imagine circumstances for emotional outbursts to be less dependent on gendered attributes? At which socially painful points could more tears actually change something and what practices of solidarity might emerge from it? In “HOW TO CRY”, the &sistig collective invites you to sob, at home on the couch and publicly in the theatre, secretly and together, behind the scenes, in the dressing room and right at the front of the ramp in the spotlight. In the swamp of softened expectations, the five performers make themselves at home, invoke the “Society of Being Sad All the Time” and test the resilience of tears.

Weiter zum Stream

Duration: 105 min.
Language: German/English
Minimum age: 12 years
digital premiere

The show will be available on Vimeo on Demand. For rental you have to registrate (easy, cost-free and only once) on Vimeo. (Datenschutzhinweis).