Eduardo Fukushima


Between Contentions & How to overcome the great tiredness ?

Mousonturm Saal


The highly concentrated solo Entre Contenções is based on three simple gestures that conquer the space in the act of their unfolding. The sober and serious piece on asserts the existence of a space “between conflicts”  – in which chances for communication and encounter present themselves.

In Como superar o grande cansaço ? the audience become witness to a never-ending transgression of physical boundaries. Aggressive-angular and dynamic-flowing sequences are combined with falling movements in a precise study about the state of utter physical exhaustion.

Between Contentions: artistic direction and performance: Eduardo Fukushima * artistic collaboration: Key Sawao, Ricardo Iazzetta, Daniel Fagundes * production: Carolina Goulart * light: Hideki Matsuka, Eduardo Fukushima * costumes: Eduardo Fukushima * photography: Inês Correa.
How to overcome the great tiredness?: artistic direction and performance: Eduardo Fukushima * mentor: Key Sawao * musical composition: Felipe Ribeiro, Eduardo Fukushima * artistic collaboration: Beatriz Sano, Julia Rocha * light: Juliana Augusta Vieira, Sergio Puppo * costumes:  Eduardo Fukushima * production: Carolina Goulart * photography: Inês Correa.