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Hessische Theaterakademie/Valeria Graziano

HTA-Ringvorlesung: The pragmatics of by-production: on approximation, illegalism and other peripatetic methods



As part of the lecture series “(Un)settled. Performance, Protection, and Politics of Insecurity”, Valeria Graziano speaks about her theory of byproduction.

Can the mode of existence of certain concrete and theoretical objects only be comprehended, if we consider them as lateral effects of processes geared to produce something else? Cultural theorist Valeria Graziano shares in the framework of the HTA lecture series her work in progress piecing together a theory of byproduction. By understanding byproduction as a regime of practice that involves bodies in oblique entanglements with their appetites and their environment, it could offer a way to sidestep of aporias of theories of production and reproduction. Graziano attempts to make available a different ethical-aesthetic horizon for practices geared towards political change.

Duration: 90 min

The event takes place as live stream on Zoom. No registration needed.

Admission: https://hfmdk-frankfurt.zoom.us/j/82192661889?pwd=WWhma2s0VXFEOG9iNXgxRU9hTW5lQT09

Meeting-ID: 821 9266 1889
Kenncode: 025612