Núria Güell

Human Resources

Mousonturm Foyer

Action/Video Installation

Structural inequalities and exclusions are recurrent topics in the artistic work of Núria Güell and lie at the core of her action “Human Resources”, developed in collaboration with detainees and the team of the prison JVA Frankfurt am Main IV. Different schemes allow for inmates to be employed as workers in state or private companies as part of prison reintegration programmes. “Human Resources” proposes to recruit this workforce for the benefit of the art institution: to make up part of the team running “Bodies, un-protected”. Furthermore, during the festival, inmates will share insights into their experience of what it means to be un-/protected in video interviews and written protocols, and hand over questions that apply equally to the institution of the theatre and the institution of the prison: how do we distribute the value and validation of bodies, of visibility and recognition? How do we imagine and project ideas of protection onto bodies in stereotyped and clichéd ways?

Language: English and German