(c) Dorothea Tuch

Gob Squad


I Love You, Goodbye (Unfuck My Brexit Edition)

Mousonturm Saal


We may no longer live where we were born, yet we still carry pieces of our ancestry around with us: our grandma’s way of making junket to solve conflicts, beans on toast as a symbol of our working class origins or Frankfurt’s green sauce, which has hardly changed since Goethe’s time. How important is an understanding of our roots for a future Europe? How much identity do we need? Gob Squad is a German-British collective that emerged out of student exchanges in the 1990’s. In the Frankfurt edition of this show, which was originally conceived for the night of Brexit, they take a first look at what separates us. “I Love You, Goodbye” is not theatre, but rather a 6-hour situation on the verge of collapse. There is singing and cooking, eating and discussions. And decisions that have to be made. By all of us. We have to talk once last time, before maybe the idea of Europe falls apart ….

Duration: 300 Min.
Language: German and English
Premiere of the Frankfurt Version