Tamara Antonijevic/Nora Neuhaus/Robert Läßig/Malgorzata Wdowik/Johanna Herschel


If you lived here. Monologe für einen leeren Raum

Mousonturm Studio 1

Hessische Theaterakademie/Performance/Installation

Wherever objects and bodies are presented as works of art, institutional structures and political mechanisms are also involved. If You Lived Here examines the social and cultural constitution of exhibition and theatre spaces. In what ways do the techniques of black box and white cube differ and when do they coincide? How do we behave as visitors towards these systems, when neither object nor body is present? In what ways do expectations and knowledge, do context and space define our experiences and the production of artistic value? The performative sound installation invites small groups of five people to discover the kind of performance created by space that performs itself.

In English. Premiere

Mousonturm-Coproduction * By and with: Tamara Antonijevic, Nora Neuhaus, Robert Läßig, Malgorzata Wdowik.