The music of the Belgian composer and cultural philosopher Stefan Prins is decisively influenced by current technologies and interdisciplinary approaches; multimedia border crossings and improvisation are just as important components of his works as the use of electronics. One of the most important questions concerns the relationship between humans and technology: How does technology influence our human actions and vice versa? In Prins’ music, instrumental and electronic sounds oppose each other. Together with Prins, the IEMA Ensemble 2018/2019 created an event that illuminates the analogue and digital soundscapes of the instrumental. While in Infiltrationen 3.0 the string sounds are controlled electronically, in Piano Hero #1, for keyboard and live electronics, Prins transfers the idea of the romantic piano virtuoso into the technological 21st century. In ensuite for cello solo, on the other hand, the electronic means are acoustically “composed” into the piece, without actually using technology.

Works by Stefan Prins