“Do you remember, we, we, we just went there, you know? We overcame every obstacle, like, we started from Cape Verde, eating rancid dessert for two weeks straight, like, like, sailing past gigantic highs to not lose our momentum, and then we’re here on this radiant island called Helium. I mean, can you, do you remember the coco milk there? It was the best coco milk I drank in my whole life! And then we went to this, this technoshaman that was residing on this island, and he was, he was weird, no? He was in some kind of hydrodynamic procedures, he called them, had this crypto-rosary, this wanton crypto-rosary. He made me believe, Patrick. He made me believe that we can just gather together, regardless of creed or country of origin, we can just come together cosmically, but also physically in a way, and love each other.”

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