(c) Simone Scardovelli

Jacques Palminger

The Kings of Dubrock

Mousonturm Studio 1 unseated


“Dub rock is like concrete: it depends on what you make of it.” Palminger’s prancing power and machismo-free virility are impressive on stage and counteracted by his two comrades-in-arms: on the one hand the enchanting Rica Blunck, who with her dignified nonchalance elegantly exaggerates every Palminian assault or calmly lets it drip away; on the other hand the wiry, non-pigeon-holeable electronic free spirit Viktor Marek, whose grooves are as much cuddly pillows as wire brushes to the unequal trio. The musical repertoire, which is often interrupted by the free “speech” of Emperor Palminger, embodies a long-overdue summary of his œuvre, which has so far been scattered across countless recordings. We can expect fat beats, fulminant hubris and musical miniatures, endless poems, howls of self-blame and tearful tirades, psychedelic showstoppers with extreme chansons and maelstroms of speech.

The concert has been rescheduled to 13.11.2022 due to illness. Tickets remain valid but can also be returned.