Vladislav Delay


Jazz im Museumspark


There are but few musicians, who experiment with such a wide range of musical styles in such an unprejudiced and confident manner as the Norwegian trumpeter, composer and producer Nils Petter Molvaer. He confidently jungles musical styles such as jazz, ambient, house, electro, dub, hip hop, rock and pop to produce soundscapes of unbelievable intensity and depth. To this day, he searches for new approaches in jazz and his ethereal performances, his feverish and husky trumpet sound, the mixture of Nordic tonal range and club cool have already inspired an entire generation of young followers. His performances are visual total works of art, in which elaborate lighting designs merge with the spheric sounds of the trumpet into an almost hypnotic whole.

Nils Petter Molvaer (trompete), Jan Bang (electronics), Vladislav Delay (percussion)

Freier Eintritt für Freunde und Förderer (f.f.m.) und Kinder bis 12 Jahre.