(c) Felix Kost

Stankowski produces music for adults and for children alike; he calls it: “music for everyone”. On his current album “Fleshpots” (Message in a Bottle), he talks about small and big, about the good and free life, in which children feel safe. Linguistically, children are often the wiser adults, whether it’s talking about potato pancakes, love itself or love of life, and they understand the fine hopeful vibrations and nuances that Stankowski communicates in his songs. And adults embrace the worldview that Stankowski conveys with his music. He weaves themes such as diversity, environmental sins, freedom and media madness into small unforgettable stories – accompanied by professional flourishes on instruments and arrangements that put the vocals and the message in the spotlight like an old-school chansonnier.

For everyone from age 4

0–2 years: free admission
3–11 years: reduced
from age 12: full price