Fabian Altstötter is no blank sheet. At a very young age, the Landau born and bred artist co-founded the critically acclaimed band Sizarr together with his friends Philipp Hülsenbeck and Marc Übel. The sound was youthful – in spite of an enthusiastic knowledge of pop history and melancholy aesthetics. A few years have passed since then and Altstötter now lives in Berlin. Change is happening, Altstötter becomes Jungstötter. The clothes have lost colour, the coats have grown longer, the skin is engraved with morbid phantasies. There is still melancholy, yet out the cocoon of the young singer, a mature storyteller has emerged. His first album “Love Is” will be released in spring on PIAS. Ten songs like a rollercoaster. A coaster car lined in velvet approaching abyss after abyss. Jungstötter plays his songs on piano or with band as needed. We follow him either way: into the depths.