(c) Petra Cvelbar

An open piano, syncopated rhythms and fast-paced, repetitive sounds – pianist Kaja Draksler and trumpeter Susana Santos Silva are considered one of the greatest discoveries of the young jazz improvisation scene. Draksler dives into the guts of her piano, plucks and prepares it to accompany the music of her congenial colleague, who has made a name for herself as one of the most exciting improvisers worldwide. Together they seek out, find, experiment with and explore new sounds on an unpredictable journey. Boundaries between genres such as Balkan folk music, classical modern and New Music melt, when the duo enters into their teasing, innovative and richly atonal dialogue. Draksler and Santos Silva will be performing their avant-garde jazz set at Mousonturm for the first very time during the 49th German Jazz Festival Frankfurt 2018.

Piano: Kaja Draksler
Trumpet, Flügelhorn: Susana Santos Silva

Das 49. Deutsche Jazzfestival Frankfurt 2018 ist eine Veranstaltung des Hessischen Rundfunks / hr2-kultur in Zusammenarbeit mit der Stadt Frankfurt am Main / Dezernat für Kultur und Wissenschaft.