Katy Baird (artist in residence)


Katy Baird is an artist and curator who often finds herself in uncomfortable situations of her own making. She has performed at Live Art festivals and institutions as well as bars, nightclubs and squat parties. Her work explores ideas around class, gender and sexuality and can last anything between four minutes to four hours. Depending on the situation it can take the form of theatre, cabaret, film, installation, drag or participatory performance.  Katy Baird is interested in straddling genres, contexts and audiences and thinks a lot about where the work takes place and how to push the limits within that particular context. Her recent solo stage-based performance Workshy, a show about work and the things we do for money, has toured internationally to over 30 cities. She has been artist in residence at queer club night Knickerbocker in London since 2016. Her current research is looking at the relationship between hedonism and queerness and this is what she will be working on during her time at Mousonturm.

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