Ketil Bjørnstad is considered a truly exceptional persona in Norway’s art  scene. Trained as a concert pianist, he soon switched to progressive jazz and has released over 30 albums since 1973, including five for solo piano and further in cooperation with jazz and rock musicians. In addition, he has composed film music, e.g. for Jean-Luc Godard. Aside from his music career, Bjørnstad is however also a very successful author, producing poetry, essays and meanwhile over 25 novels. For him, music and language are inextricably linked, as evident on the double album “Vinding’s Music” – a kind of soundtrack to his trilogy of novels about a young Norwegian pianist. When Bjørnstad gives a solo concert, it will inevitably be eclectic: complex improvisations, reminiscent of classical music, or sometimes of film and each fascinating from the first to the last tone.

Afterwards DJ at Mousonturm Lokal: Brit Aksnes
18.10., 19 Uhr Talk with Ketil Bjørnstad at Mousonturm Lokal

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