Eine Foto von den vier Performerinnen auf der Bühne in Großaufnahme. Sie tragen bunte Kleider mit wallenden Röcken und halten jeweils ein Mikrofon vor ihren Mund.
Auf einem Foto stehen vier Menschen nebeneinander draußen vor einem Baum. Sie tragen bunte Jacken. In den Händen halten sie jeweils ein großes Foto von sich als Kind, dadurch verdecken sie ihre Gesichter und sind in Bezug auf Alter und Geschlecht nicht einzuordnen.
(c) Charlotte Bösling, (c) Leander Ripchinsky

zaungäste/Susanne Zaun/Marion Schneider/Ekaterine Giorgadze


Child Star from 6 to 8. An autofictional attempt to remember a child star of the 90s together with a choir of performers

Mousonturm Saal


Among us there are three who wake up once a month drenched in sweat because they dream that they are still child stars.

Among us there is one who really once was a child star. Among us, there is not one who really remembers it. Among us, there are four who tell this story anyway.

How can one’s own childhood be told in literary form on the basis of memories and omissions, narratives, family myths and existing documents? What role do historical and political circumstances play that we can only really understand in retrospect? And how can we share memories when the disparity of different experiences always stands between us? The zaungäste approach their retrospective of childhood from a particular biography: one of the performers was the presenter of a children’s programme in the 1990s that ran parallel to the civil war in her country of birth. Together with her chorus colleagues, she creates a narrative mosaic that questions her own memories over and over again, and in which she rejects the role of the leading actress with relish: I actually only remember the photo of it. There is a photo of it, isn’t there?

Duration: approx. 75 minutes
Language: German
recommended for ages 15 and up

world premiere