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Kolleg zur Wiederentdeckung des Klassenbewusstseins

Studio 2


After the first editions of this series of talks took place in Frankfurt, Berlin and Mannheim in May, we now invite you to join us for parts #6 and #7 on leftist media and institutional critique. It is common knowledge – not only since the advent of the “post-factual age”– that media are governed by interests that go beyond “objective news coverage”. Leftist media in particular are forced to ask themselves who they are writing for in the face of so-called filter bubbles and echo chamber effects in social media. The second talk examines the necessity and predicament of institutions, who entrench forms of suppression even while trying to champion equal rights and opportunities. This series of talks is an artistic research project, which spans multiple cities. The joint formulation of individual concerns into shared initiatives will be collectively negotiated in a concluding performance in September 2017.