(c) Niko Neuwirth, (c) Samiksha Borikar, (c) Robert Zolles

Max Clouth Clan

(Frankfurt am Main)

Album Release: Studiokonzert-LP

Lokal im Mousonturm


Acoustic double neck guitar, strings, contrabass, prepared piano, drums and modular synthesizer – this isn’t your everyday line-up, especially not in jazz, but what the seven musicians makes out of this unorthodox combination of instruments is simply beautiful. The clan’s music is high in energy and a continual exploration of interesting and special sounds, new possibilities of expression, driven by the musicians’ fascination for Eastern culture. The clan’s intense journeys through India give a ring, a taste and colour to the songs. They contain many different audible and palpable moods: the dynamics of the city of Mumbai, the loneliness of the freeway between Delhi and Jaipur at night, the colourful culinary diversity and the feeling of observing people in the city and on the beach. Creative chaos, transformed into music.

Album Release: Max Clouth Clan – Studioconcert
Feb 22. 2019 at Neuklang Records