The project resembles a modern treasure hunt: racing against the exploitation mechanisms of a fast-paced music industry, against perfection, attitudes, predictable structures and fulfilled expectations, Rocko Schamoni and his allies browsed record crates and junk shops for forgotten German pop songs, in search of the brilliantly imperfect and their cracked songs, verses and ideas, singing about doubt, about having gotten off track, about being allergic to orderliness and of being tired of life. And about being forgotten. Now they have recorded an exquisite selection of over 500 found songs, accompanied by the 17-person symphony orchestra Mirage. Perhaps this will be the turning point at which the ‘Forgotten’ finally receive the dignity and attention, which they have been denied until now.

Rocko Schamoni: Voice and Auto Harp
* Sebastian Hoffmann: Trombone & Conducting * Lieven Brunkhorst: Saxophone and Carillon * Matthias Strzoda: Drums & Guitar * Friedrich Paravicini: Mellotron & Theremin * Ali Busse: Bass * Jonas Landerschier: Fender Rhodes & grand piano * Sönke Rust: Guitar & Banjo * Gunnar Kockjoy: Trumpet/Flugelhorn * Claas Ueberschär: Trumpet/Flugelhorn * Dirk-Achim Dhonau: Percussion * Taco van Hettinga: Synthesizer/Clavine/Saxophone * Ruth May: Violin * Lisa Lammel: Violin * Ellen Harutyuyan: Viola * Juan Navarro: Violoncello

(c) Dorle Bahlburg

Coproduction: Künstlerhaus Mousonturm