(c) Håkon Borg

Koritzinsky / Partapouli / Lukusa


Three new voices from Norway

Lokal im Mousonturm, teilbestuhlt

Poetry Slam/Reading

The Norwegian slam poetry and literary scene is diverse and innovative. Three young, promising authors can be seen in the Mousonturm Lokal: the slam poet Anna Kaisa Partapouli will present her poetry in Sami language in a multimedia performance. Roskva Koritzinsky, a critically acclaimed author of short stories, is nominated for the prestigious Nordic Council’s Literary Award 2019. Jeaninne Masika Lukusa, a slam poet, narrator and spoken word artist, is multilingual and creates and performs in Norwegian, English, Persian, Chiluba, Swahili and Norwegian sign language.

In Samisch, Norwegisch, Englisch, Persisch, Chiluba, Suaheli und norwegischer Gebärdensprache mit deutscher Übersetzung