Anja Müller


La Mula. A Beatmusical

Mousonturm Saal


On this carnival weekend, Anja Müller aka intrepid beat artist La Mula ruminates about self-denial as an artistic life principle, about the everyday hunt for poetry and prestige and about the desire and dictate to entertain. Equipped with a drum set, a bass and a microphone, she dances and sings out against the world. Sometimes in a passionate talk-rap style, then again with fuzz-soaked bass beats: irresistibly charming or bewilderingly aggressive.

In German and English * concept, performance: Anja Müller * dramaturgy, text: Dennis Deter * Sound, Light: Jochen Haker * costume: Hendrik Willekens * artistic advice: Hermann Heisig, Alma Söderberg, Hendrik Willekens * produktion manager: Ann-Kathrin Reimers * A production by Anja Müller * coproduction: Sophiensaele Berlin, artblau Tanzwerkstatt Braunschweig and Theater Freiburg * Gefördert aus Mitteln des Hauptstadtkulturfonds. Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Tanzfabrik Berlin.