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Jean-Luc Godard


Le livre d’image (Bildbuch)

Mousonturm Saal


Even as he approaches 90, Jean-Luc Godard continues to be among the great innovators of world cinema. “Adieu au langage“, his first 3D film from 2014, significantly expanded the possibilities of cinema as a visual medium. Regardless of its title, “Le livre d’image“, is a ground-breaking auditory work of art. The best way to explore Godard’s new film is in the form of a multi-channel sound and image installation, which Mouson-turm is bringing to Frankfurt this fall. “Le livre d’image“, a story in sever-al chapters, for which Godard co-wrote the screenplay with film scholar and critic Nicole Brenez, is perhaps first and foremost an invitation to listen to women in history, literature, and cinema, from Joan of Arc to Marilyn Monroe, tell their stories. The screening on Wednesday, Octo-ber 30, will be preceded by a panel discussion with, among others, Vinzenz Hediger and Fabrice Aragno (Godard’s director of photography).

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30.10. at 6 p.m. Talk with Fabrice Aragno, Vinzenz Hediger and others