(c) 2018 SUNN O))) _ RONALD DICK

Sunn O)))

Let There Be Drone (Multiple Gains Stages)

Mousonturm Saal unbestuhlt


Sunn O))) are starting out their first European tour since 2016 at Mousonturm. Their monumental, highly physical music is a synthesis of drone, metal and minimalism, meditation and trance played at extreme volumes. Strength, beauty and colour emanate from the acoustic pressure of their legendary backline and their earthquake compositions, dedicated to the mysteries of life and the cosmos. In their instrumental-based live performances, the power trio Stephen O’Malley (guitar), Greg Anderson (guitar) and Tos Nieuwenhuizen (Moog synthesizer) pursue – with the help of special guests – their genius sound experiments, celebrated by avant-gardists and lovers of unconventional guitar music far beyond the boundaries of metal.