Double Feature: Lineup & Alter Ego

Performance/Dance/Staged Concert


Merle Böhnhardt

22 wooden chairs, 4 performers. They fight about structure and architecture in the space. They push, sit, stack, plant themselves somewhere and – pause, but only until an unwanted twitching creates the next chainlike movement sequence.


Alter Ego

Vincent Michalke, Juan David Perez, Jonas Weber

“A true friend is so to speak a second self”. But what if the second self slowly decouples itself and discovers their individuality, doesn’t want to satisfy the conditions anymore and begins to rebel? The Ego doesn’t correlate with their idol anymore and becomes the Other. And because Ego and Ego are still somehow connected, a dispute arises over similarities and differences, dependencies and mutual encouragement, with each other and against each other, friction and harmony – and then? The sound of an electric guitar can’t pass through the speakers directly, in between is a live-electronic system that manipulates it or even holds it back completely. The guitarist has no influence over the manipulation of the sound, he has to try to deal with the external influence. On the other side is the sound manipulator who is dependent on what the guitarist plays. He has the potential to add new dimensions to the guitarist’s sound, if both react to each other. This ambivalent relationship leads to an unstable, unpredictable encounter between both protagonists.

A cooperation between the Departments of Directing for the Stage, MA CoDE and Acting at the HfMDK