Living Dance Studio, Beijing

Listening to Third Grandmother’s Stories

Mousonturm Saal


The Living Dance Studio in Beijing owes its worldwide acclaim to a uncompromising conjunction of artistic production, historical research and social commitment. Founded by choreographer Wen Hui and documentary filmmaker Wu Wenguang in 1994, the studio examines in its projects the relationship between official historical narrative and individual experience from constantly new perspectives. Listening to Third Grandmother’s Stories is part of a project series on the revolutionary history of the People’s Republic of China. Dance, text and film condense into a documentary-choreographic production focusing on the personal memories of Wen Hui’s great-aunt (her “third grandmother”), who originally came from a land-owning family and is even older than the People’s Republic itself.

Chinese with English surtitles.

Choreographed by: Wen Hui * Performers: Li Xinmin, Wen Hui, Lao Xiujuan * Light designer: Edwin van Steenbergen * Documentary: Wen Hui * Music: Wen Luyuan * Producer: Wu Wenguang * Production: Living Dance Studio

Memory II: Hunger, Performance, 3.9. at Frankfurt LAB. Folk Memory Project, Lecture, 31.8. at Mousonturm. Video documentation of the Folk Memory Project, 27.8. – 5.9. at Mousonturm, Foyer.

Introduction at 7.30 p.m.