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LLOTR – LOKAL Listener On The Road mit Tamar Halperin

auf deiner Couch


First stop on the LOCAL Listener On The Road tour: the Hotel Libertine Lindenberg in Sachsenhausen. An establishment that is truly one of its kind in this city. Guests often stay here for several weeks, if not months. There is room to talk at the bar, make music in the hotel’s own recording studio and cook in the communal kitchen under the roof. For the first episode of LLOTR, Gregor Praml has succeeded in inviting a very special guest – Israeli harpsichordist, pianist and conductor Tamar Halperin, who has been living near Frankfurt for many years now. Normally, the musician has a full tour calendar, which comes as no surprise considering her first-class classical education (including the Juilliard School of Music in New York), and hardly any time for such invitations, but the pandemic things has changed things for her as well. Gregor says, “She is one of the most versatile and open-minded musicians that I have met in recent years.” Her project “BachSpace” (2017) for example, produced in collaboration with a violinist and an audio designer, is without equal. And not only that: Tamar’s husband is Andreas Scholl, one of the most famous countertenors worldwide – a real musical household!

With: Tamar Halperin, Gregor Praml, Melina Hepp

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