Fotocollage mit den Gesichtern von sieben Menschen. Darüber liegt eine Bildebene mit verschiedenen Masken, die mit den Gesichtern morphen. Im Hintergrund ein buntes kaleidoskop-artiges Muster.
Buntes Bild mit schwer erkennbaren Schriftzügen, die sich großflächig darüber verteilen. Die Farben – Lila, Grün und Blau – verlaufen ineinander.
(c) Baby of Control

Baby of Control


Long Thin Planet and its Moons



Baby of Control is a dispatched task force of the Long Thin Planet and its Moons, official international and interstellar designation “Long Thin Planet and its Moons”. We use the bureaucratic resources indigenous to this planet to investigate the phantasmagorical facts of “Earth music”. We are committed to the cosmos as a superordinate administrative department and are thus not only passionate applicants, but also closely associated with the intergalactic bureaucratic lifestyle. Earth music broadens horizons in a very sustainable way and everyone can be human. What can we say? We love the show. Boozing. Tinkering. Show. We actually think everything is cool, except quarrelling. We don’t do that. We hardly know how. We never do.

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Duration: 30 min
Language: German and English