Boyzie Cekwana


Love Letters – 5km of Marshmallows

Mousonturm Studio 1


Does Africa have more to offer than stories of death, war and misery? A different story than that of dysfunctional governments and deadly migration? Boyzie Cekwana sets out in search of songs and memories that cross the Saharan divide. Songs that resonate even in the minds and hearts of those who never set foot on that continent. Songs that once meant something but have since paled into the ubiquitous, all conquering and terrifying paleness of ‘cheesy’.

Welcome to the fiesta of things we love in private and castrate in polite company. Welcome to the marshmallow sea.

In English

Concept, Performance, Costume, Equipment: Boyzie Cekwana * Video: Lungile Cekwana

In English