Gereon Klug


LOW FIDELITY. Hans E. Platte’s Mails against the Mainstream

Lokal im Mousonturm


Gereon Klug has worked as a record dealer, editor, copywriter and cleaner fish for various artists. He is also known as Rocko Schamoni’s and Studio Braun’s perpetual tour manager. In addition, he is founder of the Hanseplatte, one of Hamburg’s best record stores, for which he writes sensational newsletters to tens of thousands of fans under the name Hans E. Platte. He is the mastermind of song ideas such as Leider geil (Deichkind), claims such as Vom Austrinken bedroht, and has achieved mention in publications such as the Handelsblatt, Titanic and Kicker. He is the inventor of the world’s first edible cook book, which has raked in pretty much every prize of the advertising industry from Cannes to New York. And spins the turntables as Dr. Dr. Penis. His Mails Against the Mainstream succinctly demonstrate the importance of slapping a generous helping of humour onto the love and hatred of life, of people and of music.