(c) Christian Schuller



Lügen Üben. Eine Anstiftung

Mousonturm Studio 2


There will be no lies in the text of this announcement. You have to believe us! Cross our hearts and hope to die.

Right at the beginning of our interactive performance, three giants will enter the stage, equipped with tiny little backpacks. The music blasts: “Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies”. The session begins. Group therapy games are explored, protests instigated and kittens thrown. We play rugby, fake it till we make it, purr and hang out. The softest of mattresses will be everywhere, people will speak in chorus, fall into traps and order pizza. At one point in the piece, we’ll topple a giant tower, no doubt about it. Fire will break out. We’ll drink blood from silver goblets, stars and starlets will come to visit, children will wear elegant dinner jackets and a real work of art will be auctioned off for multiple millions.

Who is telling “the truth” about whom? How are animals and objects entangled in the web of lies? When is a lie useful and when is it dangerous? Together with the audience, we explore how lies are created and when they are empowering in this open laboratory of a stage. In rehearsing something that is usually refrained from, we concoct new possibilities of expression. Because everyone can lie – can’t they?

For all from 12 years
Duration: 60 min
Language: German
World premiere