(c) Peter Hönnemann

Marlene Monteiro Freitas

(Portugal/Kap Verde)

Mal – Embriaguez Divina

Mousonturm Saal


Mal, has long been personified by the Devil, also known as Antichrist, Satan, Leviathan, Lucifer, but also symbolized by the Witch, Wizard, Women, Animal, Hybrid, Mutant and so on. We will find its reference in the religious, moral, ethic, political and judiciary discourse, as well as at the center of literary and artistic creation. At specific occasions the nature of evil and its personification, the devil, developed into the ideas of social injustice, violence, diseases and the like. For Georges Bataille, the human activity is generally the desire to reach the point farthest from the funeral domain (the rotten, the dirt, the impure), conjuring the evil. Conversely, artistic activity in many ways sought to approach this reality. Our Mal takes place on a tribune, where a group in a form of a choir remains under influence of haunting visions, toxic testimonies, bacterial impressions, rotten facts. They see as much as they are surveyed.

Duration: ca. 120 min

Note: The artisttalk on 08.09.2022 will be in English.