(c) Alain Scherer

Ali Moini/Company Selon l’Heure


Man anam ke rostam bovad pahlavan (Ich verdanke Rostam meinen Ruhm)

Mousonturm Saal


Ali Moini, dancer and choreographer with Iranian roots, is connected on stage to a life-size marionette, a kind of robot. Each of his movements is passed on to his counterpart via hundreds of rope pulleys. But who is controlling whom? Who is subject, who object? When does the machine become human and the human artificial? Moini has to perform a very strange dance to properly control the impressive puppet, whose immense presence is both fascinating and almost mesmerizing. The interaction with the doppelgaenger explores the complexity of human nature, the intricate connections between life and death. The title of this unusual, magnificent human-machine-duet cites an Iranian proverb, according to which we owe our own successes to our ability to imitate other talented people.


No language skills required
Konzept, Performance: Ali Moini
Soundinstallation: Sarah Shamloo, Nima Aghiani aka 9T ANTIOPE