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Fabrice Mazliah


Manufactured Series: Duet #1

Mousonturm Studio 2


Fabrice Mazliah’s durational projectManufactured Series” is composed of ten concentrated duets with one human and one non-human body each. The duets concentrate particularly on the non-human bodies, their hand-made quality and thus their close links to the human hand. In the first duet, dancer Katja Cheraneva joins up with a wooden Cathedral Radio built in the 1980’s. As both bodies converge, their features become visible – surfaces textures such as skin or wood, the sound waves produced by one and received by the other. Ear and antenna come into contact, a conversation ensues, while intimacies become movements.

Language: Englisch
Concept: Fabrice Mazliah
Choreography: Fabrice Mazliah in collaboration with the performers
Research and Dramaturgy: Marialena Marouda
Performance: Katja Cheraneva & Thomas Wooden Radio
Production Management: Johanna Milz & Jeanne Charlotte Vogt

Production: Fabrice Mazliah / Work of Act